Slaviša Jelisić

Mr. Slavisa Jelisic is a Senior EE/RE Engineering Expert with over 20 years of experiences in preparation and implementation of projects, feasibility studies and trainings of technical aspects in fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects; waste management, environmental protection, and circular economy. He has held prominent roles in a number of projects as a project manager, a technical consultant, and trainer for international financial institutions including the EU, EBRD, UNEP, USAID, USDA, GIZ, SIDA, UNDP and others. Furthermore, Mr. Jelisic has extended experiences in preparation of strategic documents (e.g. Sustainable Energy Action Plans, Energy efficiency action plans, drafting of energy laws, adaptation of EU regulations in the fields of waste management, energy and environment); preparing waste management plans and studies; and design and implemented technical capacity building. He was a member of a team of experts for preparation of the Second National Communication on climate change for BiH (UNDP) and has experience in green SME restructuring and business planning in different industries (metal processing, wood processing, textile, food processing).