About us

LIR Evolution is a development, consulting, research agency headquartered in Banja Luka, qualified to provide various services in all aspects of sustainable development. It has been established in 2003 as LIR – Local development Initiative, and in 2013, in line with new experiences and focus, has been transformed to LIR Evolution. References of LIR Evolution include more than 50 successfully implemented projects and contracts while LIR team is made of 5 permanent employees and more than 20 external experts.

Fields of work

Economic development

Preparation of strategic, action and feasibility plans. Education of green entrepreneurship, business planning, networking and financial sustainability. Preparation and realisation of development projects.

Environmental protection

Education on topics of environmental protection, monitoring and dissemination of information on protection of water, air and natural resources. Monitoring of legislation harmonization and implementation.

Waste management

Education on sustainable waste management. Realisation of demonstrative facilities and providing consulting services to utility companies and local administrations.

Circular economy

Promotion of principles of circular economy and its importance for sustainability through smart use of resources, reduction of waste, reuse of products, reprocessing and recycling.

Renewable energy sources

Preparation of feasibility studies and promotion of energy production utilising sun energy, geothermal energy and wind energy. Realisation of demonstrative facilities.

Energy efficiency

Preparation of cost-benefit analysis and education on financing solutions for implementation of energy efficiency measures. Realisation of energy audits and preparation of recommendations for improvement of energy efficiency.

Sustainable mobility

Preparation of sustainable urban mobility plans, promotion and education on sustainable modes of mobility.

Rural economy

Promotion of sustainable rural development, networking of civil society organisations and providing advisory support to entrepreneurs in preparation and realisation of business ideas.

Mission of LIR Evolution is to implement and coordinate development of projects and to offer consulting services for the achievement of the sustainable development based on a balance between economic efficiency and energy efficiency without influence on environment.

LIR Evolution – development agency is the best instrument that citizens, businesses, business association, non-governmental organizations can utilize for the improvement of economic and social environment.
LIR Evolution – consulting and research service helps clients in a variety of industries on competent and environmentally superior ways to improve economic efficiency, to protect environment and save energy