SUSTRAIN training – Presentation of best practices of sustainable urban transport

LIR Evolution, in cooperation with the Research Center for Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering from the Technical University of Vienna, organized a 2-day training on “Sustainable Urban Mobility and Transfer of Best Practices”. The training was organized 18-19th of February 2020 in the hotel Ćubić in Laktaši with the participation of representatives of the City of Gradiška, as well as the Municipalities of Laktaši and Derventa. During the training, the development of mobility scenarios fo involved municipalities was discussed, and ideas for development of a new project proposal in the field of sustainable mobility were exchanged. An expert from the Technical University of Vienna presented the best practices of sustainable urban mobility from Austria and the EU. The project will contribute to the introduction of more sustainable, safer and accessible practices in the field of urban mobility in the project area.

The project is funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) through the BACID fund managed by the Austrian Association of Towns and Villages (AACT) and the KDZ Center for Public Administration Research.