Project SUSTAIN- SUpporting SMEs innovaTion in Adaptation to EU changINg standards is implemented by LIR Evolution in cooperation with the project partners Innovation Centre Weiz and Romagna Tech.

The project aims to strengthen joint collaboration between project partners through peer learning and raise their competences to support SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) in adaptation to EU standards.

Partners will jointly develop practical and innovative procedure supporting successful adaptation of SMEs to EU standards. Special attention will be dedicated to implementation of regional pilot actions through the following activities: development of self-audit tool on energy efficiency, circular economy and digitalization for SMEs; trainings tailored to needs of SMEs; knowledge exchange and transfer of best practices between regions; coaching/mentoring for specific skills related to process of adoption of EU standards.

Peer learning partners will specifically focus on EU standards related to energy, circular economy and digitalization, of importance for competitiveness of SMEs. SMEs should be empowered to better manage energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases emissions and exploit waste recycling whenever possible. Impact of SUSTAIN project will be evident in raising awareness and knowledge of SMEs on benefits of adoption of EU standards, specially related to absorption of know-how incorporated within standards and resulting potentials for innovation development. Innovation support agencies will increase their knowledge and capacities to efficiently support SMEs in adoption of EU standards. Project is funded by EU in the framework of the H2020 Programme.

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