Eko HUB Banja Luka

Eko HUB Banja Luka project started on 1st of June 2020. Eko HUB is financed within “Think of Nature!” project implemented by the Center for Promotion of the Civil Society (CPCD), and funded by the Government of Sweden. The project is implemented on the territory of Banja Luka, Prijedor, Čelinac, Prnjavor and Derventa.

The aim of the project is to further strengthen the capacity of LIR Evolution as a regional leader of Eko HUB Banja Luka, in order to increase awareness on environmental protection, initiate local actions, provide educational and professional support to other organizations and schools, and distribute the most relevant information on environmental protection.

LIR will be in constant communication with other Eko HUBs and donor, civil society organizations, relevant institutions, schools, professionals, media and youth in order to act jointly and strongly in the local area.

The project will within regional HUB involve beneficiaries through trainings for local actors, organization of a meeting where CPCD will present the Certification mechanism for Eco schools and support to schools in the process of obtaining Eco school certification, organization of 15 local initiatives, meetings and support to companies active in areas of social responsibility and environmental protection, communication with decision makers and other local actors on environmental protection issues, support and partnership with civil society organizations dealing with environmental protection on the project territory.

As a part of the project, LIR will implement 15 local initiatives on topics of importance for environmental protection. The purpose of the initiatives is to emphasize current environmental problems, which all participants can address by acting together. Initiatives will represent a specific solution to a particular problem and indicate best practices that an individual can apply. Some of the ideas that will be proposed for the initiatives are: distribution of composters for primary and secondary schools, distribution of linen bags (i.e. not to use plastic bags), installation of ashtrays for outdoor spaces, education on waste and collection of certain types of waste, handicraft workshops from discarded items, etc. The purpose of these actions is for local actors to realize that working together and making small changes can lead to improvement in their local area, and preserve the environment.

More information on: Misli o prirodi! and Centar za promociju civilnog društva.

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