LIR Evolution provides technical, administrative and financial support to Municipality of Laktaši in implementation of CIRCLE project, financed within the second call of the INTERREG ADRION programme. Project CIRCLE (Circular Innovation and Resilient City Labs in the Adrion Region) aims at increasing and spread knowledge on practical viability of circular economy principles, through a collaborative approach involving innovation producers, business actors, administrative and financial organisms as well as civil society within urban areas, where biggest amount of waste is produced but also places where innovative models can be implemented. Within CIRCLE project, partner will design and test circular models focused on 4 pilot fields:

  • Industrial symbiosis, namely waste materials becoming usable materials for others;
  • Organic waste that can be re-used for various applications, like bio-fuels;
  • Electronic waste – where a lot of valuable materials can be re-used;
  • Demolition waste from which recycled aggregates, recycled feed, re-used bricks, plastic-boards are obtainable.

The Lead partner of the CIRCLE project is Municipality of Forlì, Italy and besides Municipality of Laktaši the project has 12 more partners from Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. Project SMILE is implemented from 01.02.2020 until 31.07.2022 with a total budget of 1.862.020,00 EUR. More information can be found on

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