FEMRED Final Conference

The Municipality of Derventa on 7th of November 2017 hosted the Final Conference of the project FEMRED – Flood Emergency Management and Risk REDuction in Derventa Region, funded by the EU.

The project is implemented on the territory of the municipalities of Derventa, Laktaši, Srbac and Novi Grad. The objective of the project is to alleviate the consequences of previous floods and prevent future negative flood effects through pilot actions aimed at revitalization of flooded areas, establishing of emergency situation management and reducing flood risks.

In the framework of the project a number of activities have been implemented, such as: 6 trainings on organization of actions for mitigation and prevention of floods, development of monitoring and action plans, development of a strategy of joint cooperation in emergency situations; 4 simulations involving emergency headquarters teams in a discussion to strengthen the capacity and readiness of responsible staff to react in the event of an emergency; 2 field exercises involving simulation of rescue in water, familiarization with the basic principles of rescuing in water, approaching and providing assistance to the injured, and demonstration of the use of diving equipment; developed smartphone application with meteorological data, level of rivers and civil protection advices to support communication in an emergency flood situation; implemented 7 pilot actions for revitalization of the flooded area that had positive effects on about 108 000 of flooded area citizens in BiH. The project was implemented by the project partners LIR Evolution and LAG Savus, and supported by the Municipalities of Derventa, Laktaši, Srbac and Novi Grad.