Developed Local Building Typology for City of Derventa

INER project and LIR Evolution as local partner prepared the first local building typology in Bosnia and Herzegovina for City of Dervetna. The typology defines types of buildings based on period, nature and manner of construction. 

Recommendations for improvements of energy efficacy, heating system and preparation of hot water are provided for each identified type of building. Developed recommendations are grouped in two categories, basic and advanced improvements.  The local typology provides an insight into possible reductions in energy requirements based on the proposed measures and its comparison with the current situation. The Local Building Typology for City of Derventa is provided on the link below.

The local typology of residential buildings allows owners to identify the most optimal improvements in order to improve comfort, reduce energy requirements for heating, cooling or preparation of hot water. The typology also enables local self-government to define priorities and implement specific support measures in order to improve energy efficiency at the community level.

The project is co-financed by ERDF and IPA II funds of the European Union.