Result of the project INNO GREEN- Encouraging INNOvation for development of GREEN jobs

The objective of the H2020 INNO GREEN project is to boost joint collaboration between the innovation support agencies through peer learning, raise their competences in offering practical and innovative tools as a support to small and micro companies in operating an innovative “green” entrepreneurship.

The INNO GREEN project was led by LIR Evolution in partnership with RDA Green Karst’s Centre for Innovation and Development (from Slovenia) and Europaisches Zentrum Fur Erneuerbare Energie Gussing Gmbh (from Austria).

The final result of the project is the Design Option Paper (DOP) as a practical tool for business support agencies supporting small and micro companies in green entrepreneurship. The DOP addresses the development of an innovative program for such support on their path to generation of “green” jobs. We are presenting interested readers with practices that we have observed during our learning process and consider indispensable in the process of supporting innovative entrepreneurship.