The project LEP Krajina SE – Support and improvement of entrepreneur skills for unemployed in Northern Krajina

The project LEP Krajina SE – Support and improvement of entrepreneur skills for unemployed in Northern Krajina is implemented within the EU-funded project “COVID-19 Investment Response – EU4Business Recovery“ aiming to support the recovery of BiH economy from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall objective of the project is to improve the efficiency of labour market and enable decent sustainable employment and self-employment in innovative start-ups and SMEs.

Project partners are LIR Evolution, Republika Srpska Public Employment Service, the City of Laktaši, the City of Derventa, Vocational and technical school Derventa and the company Lanaco.

The project involves the following activities: support to potential entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial trainings; mentoring support for registration and starting new businesses; distribution of grant funds for launching new businesses; establishment of help desk for supporting entrepreneurship; provision of support to entrepreneurs within help desk; strengthening of entrepreneurial culture in the project region.

The project will result in self-employment within newly registered 20 businesses enabled through grants and mentoring support provided to potential entrepreneurs as well as established entrepreneurship support system through virtual and in-person help-desk services.

EU4BusinessRecovery supports Bosnia and Herzegovina in mitigating the negative economic effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The project helps MSMEs, agri-food and tourism operators to continue their business operations and save jobs; and supports female entrepreneurs, youth, and other vulnerable groups to establish their own business. As a result of this project, more than 1,000 jobs threatened due to the pandemic will be saved and at least 100 new jobs will be created. EU4Business Recovery is worth EUR 13.7 million and is jointly co-financed by the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany. The project is implemented by GIZ, UNDP and ILO. For more information, visit

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