Project HARMONMISSIONS – Harmonisation of Mission in the Danube region

The main objective of the HARMONMISSIONS project is to “harmonise” the implementation of EU Missions in countries and regions of the Danube region. There are significant differences in understanding, establishing and implementation of EU Missions among European regions. Therefore, within the project, partners will try to minimize these differences and support establishment of an effective EU mission management model at the level of the Danube region. The HARMONMISSIONS project specifically focuses on two areas of EU Missions: Adaptation to climate change; 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030.

The HARMONMISSIONS project will result in the 3 main pillars of progress in the field of EU Missions in the Danube region: a) A new governance model for EU Missions in the Danube region. The Steering Committee and the Advisory Groups will help to bring together and involve actors from different levels in EU Missions; b) Creation of three online platforms to facilitate the search for current project calls, partners and other necessary information on EU Missions. (c) Information events, trainings and brokerage events will raise awareness, promote cooperation and train staff in the field of EU Missions.

The HARMONMISSIONS project will create better conditions for more effective cooperation between partners from the countries of the Danube region. The aim is to achieve greater involvement of organizations from the region in project calls focused on the areas of the EU Missions. The implementation of the objectives of the HARMONMISSIONS project will be ensured by a consortium of 11 partners from Danube region.

The project is funded by the EU Interreg Danube Programme. The total budget of the project is: EUR 1,717,140.85 EUR, and project duration is 30 months.

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